On naming oneself…

Here is the scoop:

Nisti K Delgroothe is my pen name, pseudonym, alias, the exclusive representation of my creative side. The name was born in the dark…the dark time of my life where I was struggling, listening, and waiting to figure out what was next for me. So much has come into my life as I wear the nametag: Nisti K.

It has been fun! And, it has been very enlightening.

Other than that, I doubt that I am much different than you.

A roof is over my head. I have a pet. At least one person can call me friend.

What is next for me? I don’t know! I do my best to keep moving forward.

Feel free to subscribe for email updates and an occasional newsletter, or Google or search my name to see what adventures I’m up to next. As much as possible,  I will have stopped by this site to share a little news of my latest adventures with you! I hope something shared helps you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!

~Nisti K



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