When Disaster Strikes

The frontlines of disaster relief reveals:

then melanin slides
from sight of some damned hateful squinting eyes.

Like crumbling crust
thoughts of return to dust
disrupt preconceived notions, bias blitzes, and trust.

Colors aglow
reaching left, right, and low
whilst strength and compassion revives heartbeats with a blow…

…to beliefs
based on generational lies,
reminding how ignorance has grown in size!

Yet under skin’s sheath
does the Mighty One preach:
“Live, love and thrive” is the goal of each.

Now reach AND let go!
Aid cometh–mind, body and soul.
Help and Helper rescue twice so disaster need not strike thrice.
©Nisti K Delgroothe 8/28/2017

melanin fades disaster


Resurrection’s Power? Please!

Months ago, I woke up, reached for my Bible, and opened it to a Scripture that said I am   ‘…God’s possession…’. WOW! Very humbling words to read!

I belong to God.

All day, I thought about the Scripture,  my shortcomings and being loved by God despite them, and all that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has done for me throughout my life! I wanted to be a better person–more like Christ-– since I belong to God!

The words of that Scripture began to sink deeply in my mind and in my heart.

I am ‘God’s possession’! 

I felt special, and knew it was because of no doing of my own. God’s grace! God’s mercy! God’s plan!

After thinking of those words all day, that night, two young men crossed my path. I noticed they were having a little bit of trouble. Car trouble.

One of the two men got out of the car, approached me, asked me what I had, pointed his gun at me and declared, “I will shoot you!”

Puzzled and in disbelief by what I had just heard, I shrugged my shoulders and calmly asked, “Why would you shoot me?”

The gunman asked questions. I answered. Then, the gunman made demands.

The gunman and I were BOTH surprised when one of his demand’s was followed by my voice saying, ‘At this point, I’m more concerned about your eternal salvation.’

Seemingly frustrated, the gunman lowered his gun and loudly said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He then yelled to his accomplice and made more demands of us both.  I had no reason to doubt the gunman’s words, and I needed to be with my Savior for whatever would come next.

praising arms edit

I felt my head lower, my hands raise opened palmed toward the heavens, and my spirit race to be with Jesus— for an eternal life if I was killed, or being kept by my Savior if I woke up to someone trying to help me stay alive.

The gunman’s demands continued as I made a request of Jesus. No yell. No scream from me. Just an audible request for Jesus’ protection. I even heard myself say, ‘…please…’.

I have read in Scripture, and believe it to be, that after Jesus rose from the dead he left with us the Holy Spirit from our Heavenly Father, and that Jesus now sits at the right hand of my Heavenly Father and intercedes on my behalf, as does the Holy Spirit, who reminds me of God’s words when I need them.

‘I am God’s possession.’

My words and responses were not…I repeat, NOT natural instinct! Trust me! I simply followed a “leading” each step of the way!

The robbers took from me and fled, later to be caught. Some possessions were returned to me that night. Some possessions can never be returned.

In all,  much was gained and it was this: solemn remembrance of what I have…what we all have…through Christ’s obedience unto death, and I also have yet another day to share and declare what the Mighty One, the LORD Almighty has done for lil’ ole me!

Because Jesus lives forever, he is able to save—in so many ways– those who come to God through him, because he ALWAYS LIVES to intercede for all who will call him Lord.

Thus saith the word of God.

There are many things that have happened in my life that were definitely not expected, yet Jesus interceded… his way!

If the LORD God’s intervention in our lives and in others’ lives doesn’t match the way our mind expects,  is our LORD God Almighty still deserving of our hope, belief,  trust, and praise?

All one needs to do is look to the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What man is deserving of God’s plan of Christ’s sacrifice? Not one! Yet, it is ours.

Maybe you’ve heard talk, leaving you to doubt the reality of the resurrection. Jesus understands a man’s doubt.  One name: Thomas.

If it all seems like foolishness to you, will you ask God to show you whether you should believe?

One thief hanging next to Jesus believed back then.

One thief in the night might believe now.

Do you believe Scripture?

‘…that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures,  that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,  and that he appeared.

Christ appeared to many, including to a man who had lived his life,  speaking harshly of, and persecuting the church of God. Thief or one who has caused harm, no one is too far from the precious hand of Christ when he reaches for you!

I dare say, the greatest power of the resurrection is a LOVE  no one can explain.

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

For the sake of love~

~Nisti K







The Hole

On my journey.
Causal stroll.
Sand gives way beneath my feet.
Hole deepens.
I sink.
Distress in heart reaches no bones.
Head drops.
Tears fall.
Raise my eyes up to blue skies.
Droplets spurt
out veined cracks.
Faulty man made walls.
 I lick
salty truth
as it trickles.
Mark  rushes
to the widening hole.
Tosses #13 line out twice.
“Your Maker sees you!”
Grab hold! ‘Stand firm!’
Just keep your feet steady upon the Rock.
©Nisti K Delgroothe   3/4/17

2016’s Theme–H2 Oh!

I usually look in a situation for God’s lesson for me.  I don’t believe things are happenstance. In seeking the lesson, it seems I often find a theme.  With that being shared…

I had every intention of entering a monthly blog post on this website . But, life happened! As a result, I haven’t checked off my 2016 goals or formed my 2017 goals.  If you read my memoir, Not Where I Want To Be, Not Where I Was, you know I’m usually well into goal season by now. Not this time! Life HAPPENED and I was extremely busy!

Hardships, holding hands in prayer, helping others and being helped became the agenda. As I reflect on the past year…hardships and helping hands seemed the theme of 2016 for me. The beauty of interconnectedness rose through my year as I rushed to be beside someone going through a difficult time, or someone came to my side in good and not so good times. From my experiences during the last year alone, the notion of hardships AND helping hands together in one sentence…in one life…represents a profound and beautiful balance in life–the interconnectedness we share. And, as I have witnessed, it is heartwarming to know we are not alone in whatever the occasion–difficult time or celebration.

In writing this post and forming my year’s theme, I am reminded of the importance of balance in life and our interconnectedness. Ohhhh, I have one of those lessons down a little better than the other. You?4x6a5170-960x640

How would you theme your year 2016? What stands out? Was there a lesson you learned that comes to mind?  The negative may come to mind first, but resist the urge to let that be all you remember. Balance out your year’s theme and perhaps you, too, will be reminded of an important lesson useful for a happy 2017!

Until next time!

~Nisti K

JULY 2016?! Where did time go?

Do you mind if I get quirky here?

Do you mind if I share what makes me laugh…

or  blue?

I have been thinking long and hard

about what I’d share here with you!

Okay…as corny as this might be, I really wasn’t trying to rhyme!  I heard the rhythm as I read the last line aloud! Then I took out a word for the benefit of a lyrical flow.

Maybe that is how I need to blog–lyrical flow. I won’t overthink. I’ll just write. I commit to at least a monthly update so please select the option to stay connected if you want to be updated. There is a lot going on! Looking forward to sharing with you!

By the way, do you read blogs? If you’d like to tell me about your favorite blog please do!

Thanks for visiting Nisti K News!

~”Nisti K” Delgroothe