book adYears ago, I was thrilled to learn the term: creative nonfiction. It felt like permission to write with abandon! Such is the case with Not Where I Want To Be, Not Where I Was, the true story of my adjustment to widowhood.

Released as an eBook in March 2016, and as a paperback book on April 8th, 2016, this short memoir takes you on a journey as I reveal how I was drawn back to the rigors of a secret habit.  This fast-paced read bounces across decades of my life and includes everything from monsters, crises, relationships, faith, love, hope, and oddly enough, goal-setting. Seriously, it really does!

If you decide to take the journey with me, I hope you find yourself very encouraged!

Not Where I Want To Be, Not Where I Was reading options:, Barnes&, or an eBook- Kindle  .

Thanks for visiting Nisti K News!


August 26th 2017….another eBook. It, too,  is available on Amazon and is a very…short…story. Fiction this time! #AwakeAsleep



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